Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I Love Hotels...

... for those endless corridors of doors, each one leading to a different world and different secrets.
Photo: Annie, the Slieve Donard, Newcastle, Northern Ireland.


RQTKT said...

You love hotels...and I love your 'sensibility' and taste (and occasionally lack thereof)! Your choice of subjects must be taken as a whole; there are very few that I do not connect with. Could you tell us more about your background and milieu?

Anonymous said...

I've added some extra information to the 'About Me' section.

In addition, I believe there is nothing so deadly as being 'deep'. Like animals, you need to approach your subjects with delicacy and care. Only then will they reveal their true splendour.

As the Russian poet Joseph Brodsky once wrote, 'I believe that whenever someone employs the light touch, it bespeaks tragedy. Start with Mozart".

Who are you?