Saturday, 29 November 2008

Personal Archaeology

The entry about Gregory (Nobody at Home, 8 October 2008) set me thinking about a dead person’s continuing presence in the land of the living. Here, memories are not enough. You want tangible proof of what once was and maybe still exists. Then I remembered the books we shared, which were often intended not as works of literature but as bearers of inscriptions. Greg favoured pulp gems like this autobiography of Diana Dors, Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe, which he gave to me when he already knew he was dying. Inside, in Dutch, he wrote, “I love you”: a simple way of ensuring that I would never forget.
Photo: Annie


e said...

Do you still have tapes of answermachinerecordings? That can be haunting...i never listen but always save them.

Roller Girl said...

That's beautiful. My mother has loads of books with inscriptions from friends and family. It was always a nice surprise when I found them in The Hobbit or What Katy Did.

RQTKT said...

The story of Diana Dors' alleged fortune is also captivating.