Wednesday, 31 December 2008


A chandelier, designed and constructed by my friend, the artist Claudio Goulart. It is made of the ancient bits of plumbing often found in rusty toffee tins on flea markets.
Photo: Annie


Robot Nine said...

Profoundly Superficial, love the name. I have been called Devoutly Atheist!
Did you come by RobotNine to play the Picture Puzzle? I don't believe so.
I have posted the answers and winner for the current Robot Nine Picture Puzzle. Hope you can come by and play the next one on January 7, 2009. Check it out, and hope you enjoy the site.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

This is gorgeous, I just dumped a crap fake antique chandelier I bought to try and achieve this kind of effect. I was waaaay off, it looked like something Britney Spears would choose.

Anonymous said...

Very Eye Catching Design!
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