Saturday, 21 February 2009

My New Home

This is where I want to live. It's big, it's spooky and has more than enough space for my clothes and shoes.

Right now this monstrous palace is in use as Montreal's city hall.


sallymandy said...

That's hilarious. I could really shop if that was my home.

Who would clean it, though? There's the rub.

molly said...

I'm sure they'd part with it for a decent offer of trade, like one thousand small elephants carved from jade or something esoteric, wouldn't they? Would they accept lotto winnings? Better get playing.

I think that house is a little too humble for you, though.

Profoundly Superficial said...

Who would clean it? Not me! I'm too busy with playing with my clothes.

Is it too humble for me? Hmmmm... you have a point. I guess we all have to be prepared to downscale in times of economic crisis.

Jane said...

Love the roof shape/tiles etc. All a bit Adams Family. Bet there is a huge loft in which to hide your fashion 'mistakes', or, do you not make those?

peti said...

Who cares about cleaning? When it get really filthy buy a new one!

Profoundly Superficial said...

Fashion mistakes??? Moi???

As for the cleaning, if worse comes to worse, I will live in magnificent squalour.

yolanda said...

those selfish creetons. don't they know who you are?


nice blog. stopped in via molly... a fellow filmmaker faying hello :)