Saturday, 7 February 2009

Secret Life

Dr. Aribert Heim - a practitioner of the Mengele school of Nazi medicine - is haunting the headlines with the recent discovery that he ended his days in Cairo. A good choice for a fugitive war criminal. With its heady mixture of tottering, unfinished tenements and faded, colonial grandeur, Cairo is a seething anthill of a city where even its graveyard chambers are used as accomodation by the poor and desperate. So what was Heim's life like there? His friends remember him as endlessly pacing the metropolis with a camera around his neck. They were also struck by the fact that, although he loved to make photographs, he consistently refused to be photographed. Following his death in 1992, Heim's body was consigned to the anonymity of a common grave.
Photo: New York Times

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