Wednesday, 25 February 2009

When Is Black Not Black?

Shaun Ross is a 17-year-old Afro-American albino trying to break into the modelling world. He's having a tough time. 'People have so many perceptions of me,' he says. 'There’s the futuristic robot or alien, or the God-sent child or something crazy.' Still I can imagine why fashion designers hesitate about hiring him. Because how could the clothes ever match up to his extraordinary, snowy looks?


Peti said...

Good thing there is a wide variety of people walking around. Makes everything more interesting. But as we know the fashion world lives stricktly in its moment of time. Maybe he has more success next year.
By the way: About diversity how you like Max in season 6 of the L Word: with beard and heavenly pregnant?!

sallymandy said...

He has striking bone structure. I see his dilemma, though. He's brave, and I hope he gets where he wants to go.

Also raises such an interesting question about how people in the U.S. at least define race: here, one is considered "black" if one has any African heritage at all. I understand our country is uniquely weird about such definitions.

Profoundly Superficial said...

Interesting! Is 'what you see always what you get?'I used to know two little girls with a black mother and a white father: one was 'of colour', the other had blue eyes and blond curls. How has that influenced their lives, I wonder? People react to what they think they see: male, female, black, white etc.. What they are not aware of are the contradictions and history behind each human mask.