Saturday, 28 February 2009

When is the Nile Not the Nile?

When it's a mirage.
Photo: Annie. Taken in the desert south of Aswan, Egypt. Click to enlarge. It's worth it.


peti said...

Driving out into the trackless piste in Iran to visit a friend on an outlying oilrig we were once fooled by a 'mirage'. We were sure we saw the oilrig in the distance. It looked close enough. But on our way towards it we had to keep changing our points of reference. How could an oilrig be moving away from us? In the end it turned out to be a lone man on a camel. Perspectives like size and distance are nonexistant in the dry air of the desert.

molly said...

When it's in denial? (Har har... sorry)

Profoundly Superficial said...

Good one!

Jane said...

Wow, love it. Also Molly's joke is worth a mention.. I love that too!

sallymandy said...

Hi ProSup:

Love these posts about interesting things all over the world. I learn so much.

Thanks for the nice comments recently re: losing my posts. :( Have received lots of good ideas about what to do in future. Also sympathy (poor me!).

I added your name to my links and thanks for getting on my followers list!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

This makes me thirsty. I've always wanted to see a mirage actually, I just didn't know it. Thanks!