Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Here's Where I Would Like to Be

In 1920s Paris... gossiping with New Yorker journalist Janet Flanner,

... picking up style types in the dressing-room of transvestite circus artiste Barbette...

... getting to grips with Josephine Baker's pet cheetah.

Life then was "dinners, soirees, poets, erratic millionaires, translations, lobsters, absinthe, music, promenades, oysters, sherry, aspirin, pictures, Sapphic heiresses, editors, books, sailors, And how!'
- American poet Hart Crane describing 1920s Paris in a postcard


sallymandy said...

These are moody and lovely photos. I'm taken with that top woman's double eye masks on her top hat. Such an interesting fashion statement. What does it mean? She looks quite intense.

Thank you for your recent suggestions about writer's block, ProSup! I always appreciate when you come over to my blog. xo

Ronni said...

I just found you! Your blog is fascinating...

Barbette lived in my home town and his ashes are buried in our local cemetery, at his mother's feet.