Wednesday, 1 July 2009

How to Transform the Crisis into a Life-Changing Experience

Take a tip from the Chinese. Their word for "crisis" is made up of two ideograms: one meaning "risk" and the other "opportunity". Apparently they believe that both meanings are inextricably linked.

And where did I glean this little gem of wisdom? From the introduction to the 2010 Fall-Winter Fashion Collections, as published by French Vogue.

It's not for nothing that they call me "Profoundly Superficial"...


Jane said...

Love it!

sallymandy said...

ProSup: this is profoundly funny, ironic, and deep all at once. You are truly the Pro Sup queen.

I found the loveliest little quote recently: "Small acts of kindness can add up to a lifetime of happiness." Because my worst deeds are usually small, daily annoyances played out with those closest to me, this speaks to me.

I found this gem on the inside wrapper of a yogurt container.

Happy Weekend!