Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Written in Feline

Everyone knows that cats can talk. They ask for food and they complain a lot. Sometimes you wish that they would just shut up. What is less well known is that some cats - mine included - can also write. Roughly translated, the delicately-chewed script of the above message reads: "This is a formal letter of complaint. You are an hour late with our breakfast. Do something about it!"
Photo: Annie


Jennifer said...

Ha, cats are something else. It's the complaining and Garfield-esque attitudes that I cannot tolerate for too long. As cute as cats can be, I'm definitely more of a dog person.

Though, I do miss having a kitten to play with...

e said...

it does remind me of Tillamook Cheddar, the dog artist. We made a item about this unique dog. She was on tour in Europe, and visited Berlin in 2008.
This link is her own page
Best wishes for the New Year!!