Saturday, 2 January 2010

Local Delicacies?

Two of the choices on the menu at a well-known restaurant in Damascus.

PS Arabic speakers have difficulty with pronouncing the English letter "b" and often replace it with a "p". Reverse the process and you end up with nothing more challenging than "crab" and "herbs", which I would thoroughly recommend if you can keep a straight face when ordering.


Jennifer said...

Oh my God! I want to do that now!
That's as hilarious as when my dad orders a chicken fajita pronounced "chicken fuh-jye-tuh." It's great. (Came from Family Guy if you're not as acquainted with the show as my family is.)

peti said...

Strangely enough it is also the other way around. I once stayed at the Balace Hotel in Aswan.

ennalegov said...