Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Remember Gigi Gaston?

According to the blurb: "John Lennon wrote a song for her. Serge Gainsbourg said he wanted to, but never quite got around to it. Norman Mailer likened her to Piaf. Keith Richards said that he wanted to bang her, whereupon Gloria Steinem accused her of being a snag in the cause for feminism. 'Unlike most women' Yves Saint Laurent would chip in 'Gigi wears her clothes. The clothes don’t wear her'."

However, if you do remember Gigi, you're in deep trouble because she never existed. She's simply the brain child of artist Josh Gosfield, who exhibited Gigi's make-believe LPs and magazine covers at New York's Steven Kasher Gallery last autumn.

All this has set me thinking. Because if Gigi's just a figment of someone's imagination, how do I know if Paris Hilton is real?


e said...

you don´t :)

Lidi said...