Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Grey Revolution?

43-year-old supermodel Karen McMenamy recently caused quite a stir by not only letting her hair go grey but also wearing it long.

So what do you think of it?

Is she beautiful? Or just plain scary?

Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

The long hair does not go with her face; the colour grey maybe would suit her if the hair was shorter?

ennalegov said...

More then beautiful I would say! And normally I don't like the long grey hair, rather see it grey and short, VERY short (like me :-)
I like it when women don't fear getting old, showing their facial expressions/color of hair/skin that might change. I would think this might be a good and healthy revolution.

Susan said...

She's certainly curious. I've always dreamt of having one of those amazing tall, grey powdered wigs like Marie Antoinette. That would be curiously cool (and save on shampoo).

Profoundly Superficial said...

The thing about long, grey hair is that its structure is much courser, which is why you get the "witchy" effect. The other issue is that the older you get, the less radiant you skin colour will be. So grey is definitely not the most flattering colour. On the other hand, Karen McMenamy has always challenged the boundaries of what is accepted, so good luck to her!