Saturday, 27 November 2010

Miss Moody

Last year at the Temple of Bel in Syria, I was fascinated by the teenager on the right. I loved her defiance.

So why is she so pissed off?

Is it:

- Because she doesn't like being photographed?

- Because she hates traipsing around after her mother (the lady in black in the foreground) and would rather be gossiping with her mates?

- A definite case of PMS?

- All of the above?

- None of the above. If so, please elaborate.

Photo: Profoundly Superficial: Click to enlarge and get the full glower


Diana said...

A bad case of puberty perhaps?

peti said...

It's the mother! Imagine: having to go to some dreadful antiquity with your mother on your day off instead of spending it with your school mates shopping and giggling.

Susan said...

Looks like she's a budding prima donna and simply wants to be photographed..

lidi said...

She is jealous of you because you don't have to wear something on your head and you can feel the soft wind in your hair and she cannot; and her future is gloomy 'cause more cloth....

Anonymous said...

I guessing it is a case of "I am a teenager. This is what we do". I have seen that look before on several occasions for no particular reason other than that I am an adult and I exist. It is a little reassuring to find it is a worldwide expression.