Saturday, 2 April 2011

Kafka, Part Two

One day, Frans Kafka met a little girl in a park who was crying because she had lost her doll. Kafka told her not to worry since the doll was away on a trip and had sent him a letter. When the little girl asked suspiciously for the letter, he told her he didn't have it with him, but that if she returned the following day he would bring it. In fact, every day for the next three weeks, he went to the park with a new letter from the doll, which he had written himself.

But nothing would bring back the doll and Kafka now faced the dilemma of how to resolve this story sensitively. So he decided that the doll had become engaged. He described the young man in question, the wedding preparations and even the newlyweds' house. It was because of these hectic activities that the doll could no longer visit her former mistress. This worked like a (literary) charm. Knowing that the doll's life had taken a different path, the little girl was able to accept its loss and move on.

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 Lisa de Paris said...

.◗.Etrange conte kafkaïen qui ressemble bien à son auteur... où l'on peut imaginer cette menaçante poupée, très expressive, s'animer soudainement.. I love it ! ⚈

Lidi said...

nice story!